The Cars for Christmas Lottery is brought to you by the Swan City Rotary Club of Grande Prairie who also operates the Cash and Camping Lottery. Each year the lottery partners with various non-profit groups to support needed community programs and services. It has become an important community fundraiser for many groups and ALL proceeds from the event will go towards these non-profit organizations.

The Cars for Christmas Lottery is now in its 17th year and has raised over 4.8 MILLION DOLLARS for the benefit of over 50 local non-profit organizations. If you are interested in partnering with future lotteries please contact the Lottery Manager, Stride Management Corp.

Partner applications are accepted in:

  • May of each year for partnership with the Cars for Christmas Lottery
  • Nov of each year for partnership with the Cash and Camping Lottery

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The Swan City Rotary Club is proud to have given back over the past 18 years.
This year’s Lottery proceeds will go towards the following community programs and projects:

Benzanson School Booster Club

The purpose of the Bezanson School Booster Club is to enhance the educational, cultural and recreational opportunities available to the Bezanson School Community. The MSMC aims to support Bezanson School through fundraising. Previously we have secured enough funds to install a new sounds system with extra mikes for the gymnasium, purchase new basketball, volleyball and running club uniforms, a new projector and most recently, assisted in purchasing lounge furniture for the junior high wing in our new portables!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Grande Prairie & Area

The In-School Mentoring Program provides youth with a role model and a friend within a school setting that they can to talk to and share the experiences with. For one hour a week, mentors meet with their mentee and engage in activities such as board games, crafts, sports or just hanging out on school grounds.

Camp Tamarack Association

Lottery proceeds will be used to support the 2019 Summer Camp Program.  Funds will subsidize registration fees for children that cannot afford the cost, purchase craft supplies, swimming pool fees and other off site activities.

Grande Prairie & District Catholic Schools Education Foundation

Lottery proceeds will be used to enhance educational experience in our schools through special project funds and for numerous sporting expenses four our high schools.  These funds will also help support scholarship funding for further education for students. The Foundation also supports the GPCSD School Projects that inspire learning, enrich teaching and nurture the spirit in the school community through volunteer groups.

Grande Prairie Gymnastics – Gymniks

Lottery proceeds will be used towards coaches training.  The Grande Prairie Gymnastics Club has been a part of the Grande Prairie Community for over 40 years.  Their vision is to inspire a foundation of excellence within the community.

Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society (PARDS)

Lottery proceeds will be used for feed and health care for PARDS equine herd, therapeutic instructor salaries, continuing educations, and facility costs.  Pards is committed to providing high quality Equine Assisted Therapy to Peace Country residents and to support individuals of all ages and abilities to maximize their growth and potential; physically, cognitively, behaviourally and socially.

Special Olympics – Grande Prairie

Lottery proceeds will be used for training, travel, and accommodations to send athletes to Calgary in February 2019 for the Special Olympics Winter Games. The movement’s true power lies in its ability to create change and empowerment through sports within the Special Athletes and changing attitudes within the community.

Swan City Rotary Club

Lottery proceeds will support other community projects in and around our region.  The Swan City Rotary Club is a service club with the guiding principles of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity and leadership.  Rotary is a global network of neighbors, friends, leaders and problem solvers who come together to make positive and lasting change in communities at home and abroad.

Customer Testimonails

The Grande Prairie Friendship Centre has been very fortunate to have a continued partnership and a wonderful relationship with Swan City Rotary Club. Without their continued support over the past 4 years we would not have the opportunity to offer Tuesday night supper, feeding an average of 80 people per night. We are very appreciative to have community minded people such as the members of the Swan City Rotary Club invest back into the community. Without partnerships such as these we would not be able to offer the services we do. Thank you Swan City Rotary Club.

Customer Testimonails

What does the Cars for Christmas Lottery mean to us?
It means we can add 3 more schools to our program, it may be your child or your neighbour’s child that benefits by improving his reading level or teaching her better communication and social skills. This lottery means that our monthly activity nights now have snacks. Now snacks may not seem like a big deal to you but many of this kids in our program come from low income families where fun snacks are not a priority. This lottery means that the little boy that lost his Dad a few months ago still has someone that will take him to a hockey game, he now has someone that he can talk to about it. His words to us were ‘I can’t talk to my Mom about my Dad cause’ it just makes her more sad”. Never doubt the impact that the Rotary Club can have in our community and that the lotteries they sponsor can directly improve the life of a child.

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of Grande Prairie and Area
Customer Testimonails

PARDS is proud to be a Partner group with the 2018 Swan City Rotary Club Cars for Christmas Lottery. PARDS has been a beneficiary of the Cars for Christmas Lottery at various times throughout the years and we truly appreciate being chosen as a partner again this year. The Lottery has supported local groups for many years and is a valuable addition to the entire community.

PARDS provides our Therapeutic programs to over 600 clients each year and it is only through the generosity and support of community members like the Swan City Rotary Club and this lottery, that we are able to continue these programs and to innovate new programming to meet the future needs of the children and adults living in this area.

PARDS Therapeutic Centre
Customer Testimonails

The Grande Prairie And Area Council For Aging consists of a Volunteer Board for Seniors Outreach & Meals On Wheels programs in Grande Prairie. We are pleased to be able to offer financial & retirement advice and planning to seniors, their families and caregivers of Grande Prairie and the Region. We create a circle of care to have essential but difficult conversations to help make plans for loved ones when needed. Seniors Outreach is the resource that can bring the group together so that no needed service is missed when a seniors needs them. We have over 6000 client files. Both programs are valuable resources and vital to our community.

Thanks to groups like the Rotary Club, non-profit organizations like Seniors Outreach and Meals On Wheels are able to continue to offer their services and connect with many people in our region who may not have been aware of our programs without the support and promotion by the Rotary. With the help in fundraising we can concentrate of doing what we do best – helping our clients.

As a non-profit organization we are always looking for funding opportunities. We have a good volunteer base that is very willing to help with our fundraising efforts. With our previous partnerships with The Rotary we have been able to help pay for basic office supplies, telephone expenses, and postage.

We serve clients from the northwest region of Alberta, assisting with questions about Canada Pension Plan; Old Age Security; Alberta Seniors Benefit, Home Care; Home Support; Housing; walkers & wheelchairs; etc. – if we don’t know the answer, we will try to find it or the best resource for you.



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